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DNA Trace Testing Class D

DNA Trace Testing Class D

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The most reliable sample for DNA testing is still considered to be the cheek swab, but there are instances in which this type of sample is not available. Below is a list of our Class D non-standard samples which can also be tested for DNA Trace Testing.

Items we can test for Trace DNA:

  • Razor – Either disposable or electric
  • Envelope flap- Age of this is important and how it was sealed
  • Mucus- On tissue

Please note: For all testing of trace samples we cannot give you a sample quantity required as these samples do vary a lot in their DNA content. For all trace samples, we cannot give a success guarantee, because the quality and quantity of the DNA varies considerably. But this can only be seen after the analysis has been carried out. This is why we will charge the full cost for the analysis, even if there is no DNA profile at the end of the day. If we do get a full profile, the accuracy is the same as for a standard sample (mouth swab).

A comparison sample is also required for testing, this can be your own DNA sample (mouth swab) or it can be someone else DNA sample, depending on who you are trying to match the DNA Trace sample to.

Turn around time for this type of DNA testing is 10-15 days


How to begin the process: 

Purchase your DNA Trace Test depending on what type of sample you have, upon receiving your order we will then issue you the appropriate submission forms & packaging for you to send the sample to us for testing.

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